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Information about acting showreels filmed from scratch

  •      What you get...

    1/ We meet, and pick out a large selection of scenes suitable for you.

    2/ You return after learning the 6 scenes that you connect with.

    3/ We workshop the scenes and narrow down to the final 3 (or 4).

    4/ You have at least a week to practice your scenes, before returning for the shoot day.

    5/ Your 3 (or 4) scenes are shot in a relaxed atmosphere over one day.

    6/ Your showreel is finished (in less than 10 days after the shoot).

  •     About ShowreelsForActors

    Showreels For Actors is run by a multi-award winning feature film director.

    Established for over 14 years.

    Based in North Manchester - 15 minutes from the city centre.

    A specialist quality service that does not rush you.


  •       Do's & Dont's of acting showreels.

    1/ Your showreel should be under 5 minutes (or ideally less).

    2/ Montages are out. Don't waste the casting directors time having them.

    3/ Don't have a song playing in the background of the showreel scenes.

    4/ Don't have visual effects/extreme transitions between scenes.

    5/ Don't have poor sound quality. This is what lets most acting reels down.

    6/ Do have scenes showing different characters, and emotional range.

You will be coached and filmed by a multi-award winning film director.

Check out his screen acting coach link below.